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Keynote lecturers

Bogusław Buszewski 
Field flow fractionation and related techniques in the separation and characterization of colloids and biocolloids

Victor Cerda 
POTENtit a software program for potentiometric titrations

Wolfgang Frenzel
The role of Flow Injection Analysis and related techniques in atmospheric research and air pollution surveillance

Bohuslav Gaš
Simul 6 – A fast dynamic simulator of electromigration

Peter C. Hauser
Purpose Made Capillary Electrophoresis Instrumentation

Mihkel Kaljurand

Capillary electrophoresis as a monitoring tool for flow composition determination

Claudimir Lucio do Lago
From silica capillary to microchip and back to the classic

Duangjai Nacapricha
Microfluidic paper-based analytical devices with in-situ air gap for gas separation and its versatility in direct analysis of samples

António O. S. S. Rangel
Use of sorbent materials in flow-based modes for the determination of metal ions in recreational waters

Cari Sänger - van de Griend
Capillary Electrophoresis for Adenovaccine Analysis

Marcela Segundo
Immunoaffinity methods using lab-on-valve platforms: benefits and pitfalls

František Švec
Porous polymer monoliths: Versatile materials for a variety of applications

Roman Szucs
Capillary electrophoresis of small molecules: Applications and challenges in pharmaceutical analysis

Elias Zagatto
Expert flow analyzers

Invited lecturers

Jiri Barek
Novel electrode materials for electroanalytical chemistry in flow systems

Attila Gáspár
Microfluidic enzyme reactors for fast protein digestion​

Burkhard Horstkotte
Lab-In-Syringe automated sample preparation. Looking back and forward

Petr Kubáň
Open source capillary electrophoresis

Małgorzata Król
Application of microemulsion electrokinetic capillary chromatography to forensic examination of lipsticks

Marián Masár
Microchip electrophoresis for the analysis of complex ionogenic samples

Jekaterina Mazina-Šinkar
Advances in drug testing using capillary electrophoresis and native fluorescence

Edyta Nalewajko-Sieliwoniuk
Flow systems and chemiluminescence detection in the determination of phenolic compounds of plant origin

Ewa Poboży
Application of pseudostationary phases in capillary electrophoresis

Agnieszka Więckowska
Application of flow analysis in surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy - thrombin determination