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The Symposium Programme is available here.


Information for Presenters

Type of presentation


Time (Presentation + Discussion)

Opening Lecture


45 min

Lecture In Memoriam


15 min

Keynote Lecture


30 min (25 min + 5 min)

Invited Lecture


20 min (17 min + 3 min)

Sponsor Lecture


20 min (17 min + 3 min)

V4 Invited Lecture


15 min

Oral Presentation


15 min (12 min + 3 min)

Youth Session Presentation


15 min (12 min + 3 min)

Poster Presentation (Poster Session)


1-2 min


Poster preparation

The poster should be prepared horizontally in A1 size (84.1 x 59.4 cm) with the use of the poster template. It is recommended that the content can be read without enlarging the poster. The minimum font size is 20.

Poster session

Short poster presentation (1-2 min)
At the beginning of the poster session, the author will be asked to present his/her poster (1-2 min) to invite participants of the Conference to his/her poster. For this purpose, the author is asked to send a graphical abstract (in .pptx format) of the poster containing the title and authors along with the most important information that the author wants to discuss during a short presentation.

For practical reasons, graphical abstract will be displayed by the organizers during the short poster presentation.
Please send the graphical abstract to the conference office using the address to June 28, 2021.

After the presentation of graphical abstracts, during the remaining part of the poster session, participants will be asked to share their poster in separate channels organized on the MS Teams platform. Authors independently will present posters from their computers by sharing a screen or program window in MS Teams (recommended) or using MS Teams in a web browser.